I am

Cody Farthing.

I do

User Experience Design.


PlanGrid, in New York & San Francisco.

And we

Make construction faster, simpler, and more efficient.

Other things, stealth modes, internal tools, and NDAs

Before PlanGrid I worked for many years with the excellent team at Lab Zero Innovations. Many of the projects I worked on can't be shown publicly for various reasons. I've designed internal project management apps, construction scheduling and management software, photo sharing and editing tools, interactive infographics, and an iPad game for a grocery conference, among other things.

Before all this I worked for Kodak Gallery (née Ofoto), Ignia LLC, and Hunt Interactive.

ECG Check

Wearable computing heart monitor targeting atrial fibrillation. Real-time health information, analysis, and sharing.

YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus

Non-profit work for a cross-cultural youth music organization in Jerusalem.


Scheduling and task management application tailored for individuals on the Autism spectrum, in cooperation with therapists and psychiatric professionals.


Online identity and media management platform for musicians, artists, athletes, and other public figures.

Computer Associates

Responsive redesign of CA's corporate site.


PwC interactive cloud computing presentation on iPad.


International money transfer app for iOS and Android. In-house user testing and research.

Clockwork Recruiting

Redesigned this executive search tool to be more human-focused.

V.me by Visa

Like PayPal, but not. Mobile payments, point-of-sale systems, expense tracking. Designed the merchant signup and account management.